Inspiration behind the Girls Gone Smart – T-Shirt


When Cryptolize asked the Hive Team Members to each submit our own take on an item of clothing for the Smartie Shop I was excited to think of what design I wanted as my ‘Hannah edition’.

I felt like I wanted something to represent females in the cryptosphere, because it is a space that at the moment seems to be mostly male-dominated.

I think being a girl that is into cryptocurrency is pretty cool, and something to be celebrated, so I wanted the Smart Shop to feature an item of clothing that celebrates those girls.

The idea behind the slogan of ‘Girls Gone SMART’ or ‘Girls Gone SMARTCASH’ is a play on Girls Gone Wild, but a version that emphasises the intelligence of females in the cryptosphere and SmartCash community.

I sent through some ideas of what I wanted, with symbols of strong females, and @somnium helped to come up with this awesome design, with a dash of pink.

Girls Gone SMART Women’s Crop Tee (Hannah edition)


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